Saturday, 12 January 2013

Polish woman killed by speed boat propellers at Jomtien Beach

PATTAYA: -- A Polish tourist who was in Pattaya with her Husband, a prominent Doctor in his home country, died from her injuries after she was struck by propellers of a speed boat engine at Jomtien Beach on Friday morning.

Mrs. Wanda Horst Sikorska aged 57 and her husband were part of a luxury cruise tour group who had travelled down from Laem Chabang, where their Singapore Cruise Boat was docked, to spend a day at Jomtien Beach. The cruise left Singapore on an Asian tour with Cambodia being its next stop. The pair were due to return to Laem Chabang Port for 2pm on Friday when the boat was scheduled to leave.

Mrs. Sikorska reportedly went for a swim but was unaware that buoys were placed in the water which were meant to alert swimmers to the speed boat zone where swimming is not permitted.

What an absolute tragedy.